Who is my Top 3? – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


Who is my Top 3?

This week the question ‘Who is your Top 3?’ has been a trending topic around SCA students. 

Finally, I have decided to reveal to the world my Top 3. I have carefully chosen the three people who I have a crush on. Here we go… 

This is my Top 3 (of professionals working in the creative industry) at the moment:

1) Stefan Sagmeister: His work, as striking as unsettling, is known for pushing design to its limits. Not only his work but also his spirit and attitude is disruptive. He usually says a phrase that continues like this “Having guts always works for me” and he has proven his guts, for example, with his poster dated in 1999 when Sagmeister carved the program information onto his body.  He smiled at me last year at D&AD Festival. Nothing else to declare. 

2) Peter Saville: A legend of graphic design. Although he doesn’t do much commercial work at the moment, he continues working at his studio in London so I am pleased to include him on my list. He was a founding partner in Factory Records where he started changing the whole business of music covers, but also contributed significantly to the enigma of the brilliant bands that he worked with, like Joy División and New Order. His disruptive work and how he took an active part in Manchester’s vibrant music scene.

3) Belen Márquez: She’s a Spanish Creative Director at Droga5 New York. I met Belen on my second year of university when she came to my class to talk about the reality of the advertising industry and not what we had been taught until that moment; theory, theory  and theory… but the story begins earlier. She was born near my hometown (a small village in the middle of Spain, not very popular), she studied advertising in the University of Seville and she even lived in the same dormitory where I lived! She finished university 4 years earlier than me, she made a worldwide famous campaign while she was working at Ogilvy NY called ‘The Refugee Nation’, a project about building a national identity for stateless refugees (this is the case study ) and now you can see the flag she designed at MoMA! Currently she is smashing it at Droga 5 NY. 

This is my Top 3, guys. 

I love discussing about Top 3’s. I am here, available to debate.

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