Who knew strategy could be fun? By @NihalTharoor

Nihal Tharoor-Menon

By Nihal Tharoor-Menon


Who knew strategy could be fun?


I really enjoy the focus on strategy at SCA.


We have had talks from some of the best strategic minds in the business.


I used to think account planners had an unfulfilling job. Simply laying the groundwork for the creative team to do battle.


But the more we’ve sunk our teeth into strategy, the more I can see the attraction.


The success of a campaign rests on you finding that brilliant marketing idea.


A human insight that can be leveraged.


Without this, no amount of clever or witty creative will lead anywhere.


Right now my partner and I are working on brioche for our second portfolio brief.


Though I was doubtful any real insight could be found on this fluffy bread, I think we have found a compelling one.


It was great experience to discover and grow this insight into a workable strategy.


Despite this, I don’t see myself going into account planning.


What I’ve enjoyed most about building strategy is how rewarding it makes the creative execution that follows.


You haven’t just been handed a brief and told to execute. You’ve sweated to find that insight and proposition that gets your juices flowing.


I realise once we enter an agency the strategic thinking will be done for us. We’ll be told to shut up and pull the trigger.


But still, having this skill set – being able to understand a strategy and know when to challenge it – can only be an advantage.



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