Why do I want to go to SCA? Good question.

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from Marcia with a list of tasks to work on and submit prior to starting. One of which, was to meditate and think about why we want to go to SCA, and what we want to get out of the advertising industry as a whole. I’m still researching to learn more about what is possible, and where I want to be in the industry to be honest.

I will say though, one thing that attracted me to SCA was hearing the story of one of the mentors at SCA, Pete Cain. He said that his goal was to change the world and one of the ways he wanted to do that was Comedy…yep, to become a comedian. That didn’t work out but advertising still seemed worthwhile. Not exactly his words but something along those lines.

To me, that’s the thing that most excited me about advertising. A lot of advertising pros end up doing interesting things outside of advertising, from screenwriting to modelling, going into movies and yes, comedy. Advertising is one of the only professions I’ve seen where people branch off into things I’m actually interested in. I’m not that interested in joining x company or climbing up some corporate ladder…life would be pretty boring living like that. I want to create some really cool things and not be restricted to where I’m at in order to create those things. That way work won’t be as boring. That sounds really shallow but yeah, that’s me

So why do I want to go to SCA? Well, truly and honestly to narrow down and perfect my craft. It’s one of the only schools where your job is to create as much as possible for a whole year. Just create, and I will get critiqued and receive feedback. I can literally just spend time working and getting good at a skill which I actually enjoy, and learning you can make money telling great stories; I never knew that existed! Not to mention mentors that are industry leading, who have written books (which I want to do someday), who have produced shows (which I’m interested in too), who have performed as comedians (which I want to do as well).

To me it’s a perfect opportunity, that’s all I can say.

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