Will AI Steal Our Jobs

Open AI has been giving some rather compelling answers recently when we’ve queried it with on how to answer some of our briefs. And it made me think, are our future jobs in jeopardy? 

Over the Christmas period we were set the task to come up with 25 SMP’s for our portfolio. And I looked to Chat AI for inspiration. 


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But it didn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

On delving more into the SMP and to try an understand this rather elusive element of a creative brief, I read a book by Howard Ibach.

Whilst reading this book the Ibach was elucidating many of my unanswered questions of the mysterious proposition and how it can be in fact used as a tool to jump start ideas for the creatives. Rather than the frustrating badge we need present to mentors, whilst caught in a hurricane of ideas on the Tuesday after the brief has been set on the Monday.

But more intriguingly and what got me a bit excited was towards the end of the book the author starts to discuss how in actual fact propositions should be rooted more in emotion. As advertising moves away from a simple product benefit and more into making the consumer feel part of a wider community, a proposition that is based on an emotional relationship between brand and the consumer.


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On this basis, as the SMP is evolving we indeed have done ourselves a favour and I feel further separates us from our (AI) companions. These emotions we tap into come from the ways we have felt, conversations we have had with our friends or family, things we have overheard. I feel are unreplaceable. 

With that said. A good SMP takes blood sweat and tears to come up with (or at least that’s how it feels at the moment), a whole team is needed in fact according to Howard. With that considered Ai is definitely winning in terms of time efficiency if one was to settle for a mere mediocre proposition, which if you’ve been on the tube recently a lot of brands are, so we the creatives are not entirely out of the lurch yet.


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