Yes. No. Maybe. By @Edwards92Sophie

Sophie Edwards

By Sophie Edwards


Yes. No. Maybe. 

For me a maybe is a polite way of saying no – it’s a, oh your chicken pie was really rather dry and I defiantly wont want anymore – but it comes out as, ‘oh maybe I’ll have seconds later, I am very full’.


But why is it not a no? What prevents the maybe deliverer from going that step further and ending it? Being definite and actually revealing their true feelings? Why is it that we are thrown head first into limbo land where we really do believe there could be a yes?


I have been thinking about this critical point before the decision tips quite a lot – and wondering how you change a maybe into the yes or no you are after?


Is there a small nudge we could perform to change their mind? There is an amazing study by Richard Petty which shows that the act of nodding or shaking your head will change your decision from a yes or a no?! WHAT?! Why don’t more people nod all the time? Why don’t we have animated ads that make the viewer nod as they watch it to try and get this subliminal yes into their subconscious? Maybe we do!


 I suppose the only saving grace of a maybe is that there is a slim chance you can change the decision – fight your corner again – show them that seconds for dry chicken pie should actually be a yes rather than a no.




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