Your favourite thing Dee has taught you


By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18


Your favourite thing Dee has taught you


Meg: Don’t be afraid of words.


Poppy: Side projects feed your soul and your work.


Helena: Don’t question what you write while you’re writing it


Becky: Write freely then edit after.


Sara: Anything can be made beautiful with the right words.


Pietro: be emotional


Gary: sensitivity is key

Phil: Write shit. Don’t edit. Then come back and refine.


Zoe: To be real you have to be a human


Jem: Give people space to transform.


Henry: You are what you read


James: Write without self-judgement


Adeline: Don’t fight people’s fights.


Elliot: Just being able to write from the heart, and bring emotion to your writing. No matter who’s perspective your trying to convey, you need to talk to someone with purpose and meaning.


Dan: Be authentic


Steve: Stay positive


Petra: Silent your inner critic. Just write, even though it makes no sense. You will always find something.


Darius: Stand up for more than yourself, stand up for who you’re talking to.


Nick: It’s what’s inside.


Martin: Imagining how it is to be in a gang requires empathy.


Joe: No filter when you write.


Helena: Stay enthusiastic no matter what.


Philly: Mums cannot be held back.


Holly: Never underestimate how powerful words are. I


Rita: Words are not for cowards.

Twyla & Holly: Everyone is unique which makes us all the same.


Jonothan: Making the whole thing work. Not each sentence.


Christian: That it is important to get up every day and say ‘I’m going to be who I really am’ I no lt your past determine how you act.


Melina: Free-writing and how important it is to let your brain speak.


Rachel: She’s taught me to own what I’m saying, what my voice stands for in the room and if I don’t understand something, because there are other people who won’t either, they aren’t in the room and that’s a good thing. She’s also taught me to go further with my honesty in my writing.


J: The power to mentally access my creative space and that everything we consume can be used as betterment in some way.


Ben: don’t edit while you’re still writing

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