Your time is now – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Your time is now

Over Christmas break I found myself struggling to make some tough decisions. 

After speaking to lots of different friends, I decided it was time to call my mum. 

There’s something about your mothers voice that is soothing unlike anybody else’s.

After listening to me prattle on about how I felt with advertising and my ideal life in the future, she said this:

“Becci, maybe your time is now!”

Seems like a pretty obvious statement but it struck a chord with me. 

We live in a society where we are encouraged to go from school to uni to working a 9-5 to marriage to babies to death. 

But when amongst that social timeline is the space to take a risk? Try something that you’ve always wanted to. Turn your hobbies into your day job, follow your passion full time. 

The problem is nobody knows. But then again thats also part of the excitement too – better to not know and take a jump and see what happens and try.  

Off the back of my mums words I made a pretty big decision this week. 

I felt sick with nerves on the train just thinking about it.

But in the long run it might prove to be the best decision I’ve ever made – or it could be the most stupid risk.

It’s time to stop dreaming and start putting in the hours to actually becoming my own boss.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

After all…

My time is now. 

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