20(23) or 20(20ME)

Drawing in the first breath of 2023, it was a good chance to reset. No hard reset is necessary which is always nice, I feel like sometimes we can easily get stuck on wiping the slate and starting each year with a fresh canvas. My analogy for this is that feeling of using your eraser to rub out a line that’s gone on a tangent, but in the process of perfecting your masterpiece, the eraser loses grip and ends up crumpling your page. My first instinct is to say bugger this and feel the urge to screw it all up and start again. This year, however, I look at these accidents as opportunities. I don’t care anymore if the page is crumpled. I’m tired of starting from scratch. I know the work is there and I’m starting to feel more confident in my ability and finding less reason to doubt myself. If anyone reads this, take a moment to remind yourself of this too. 

Something I’ve learnt at least this year is no one really cares about you more than yourself. Fact! We are all so busy trying to win our races, that no one couldn’t give a damn if you ran the race in dirty or clean sneakers. If they did, I’d take the odds that you’ve already lapped them. 

This year I’m putting tracing paper over the work I’ve done, and going to continue what I’ve started. I’m rather blessed to continue this masterpiece I’m making. I’m happy with my ability, not content, but happy for now about where I’m going and who I’m going on this journey with. I have a great network around me, and whilst it’s important it’s not everything for me right now. I’m finding out most of it is just turning up doing the one percenters and building my confidence in that they all add up. I’ve blown off all tall asks and resolutions, what’s the point in adding that unwanted pressure?

My 3 simple goals are:

  1. Take three photos a day
  2. Live by an old friend’s motto FATT (Fun All The Time)
  3. And finally, continue to take comfort in the fact that everything in life works itself out.

None of this is hard for me. Why would I make it hard on myself if it’s a challenge I’ve got to keep up the whole year? I’ve so much other shit on my plate that’ll keep me busy, make things easy on yourself personally I’d say.  

We always say “this year will be my year”. I say don’t kid yourself! Don’t chase the shooting star. Use all these years we have as building blocks, and build your galaxy. Some stars will shine brighter than others and that’s just fine by me. When you step back and reflect on that galaxy, that’s what you call a masterpiece. 


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