30 minutes to save your life – By @LaskarisPhillip

30 minutes to save your life

30 minutes. It’s crazy how much you can get done in 30 minutes. And, just when you thought this SCAB couldn’t get any more exciting, it’s even more wild when you realize how much you can get done if you break your day up into 30-minute chunks. 

My partner, the indominable Ecila Nedrub, and I have been living by the 30-minute rule for the last 2 weeks and boy let me tell you, I’m going to adobt it for just about everything. Love, no more no less than 30 minutes. Lord of the rings? I’ll watch it in chunks. 24 chunks to be precise. And if I drop food on the ground, it’s safe to grab for the next 30 minutes, right?

Before I divulge the secrets of 30 minutes and what makes it so useful, I should let you know who enlightened me to the ways of half hours. A certain man named Cram Siwel. He’s the dean of the school I’ve accidentally called home on several occasions. He has tried to instil in us many values. I believe he goes for a throw it at the wall and see what sticks method when teaching us his life lessons. There are some that you hear and immediately you know you’ve just heard a nugget that will travel with you for the rest of your life. Then there are some that you already disregarded. It’s no offense to Mr. Siwel, it’s just that, as any rebellious youth will tell you, we simply don’t take on all the advice we’re given. No one does, if we did that, the world would be perfect and there would be no war. But we don’t follow all the advice we’re given, we just don’t. 

Then there’s the advice he gives that you ignore at first, but it nags at you. It’s kind of latched onto you and keeps insisting on itself that this is the advice you need to follow. Mr. Siwel’s 30-minute plan is such advice. If Mr. Siwel is reading this, he probably has a little smile on his face because another one of his methods has stuck to the brick wall that is my mind. Congrats, mate. 

But why have I decided to give Mr. Siwel the satisfaction of admitting his values are penetrating me? Because the bloody plan works. Ecila, my partner, and I abide by it and have been more productive than ever. Every morning, after a crossword puzzle with our mates Eolhc and Ymmot, we plan out the day in these thirty-minute bits. 

This allows us to never spend too much time on one thing. A problem Ecila and I have is we love to get lost in our conversation and end up wasting bloody hours laughing. Not that it’s not fun, but at times we just can’t afford to have too much fun. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still having a bloody blast, but within reason. 

The 30-minute pieces also give you goals, you go down the day and just tick off bits. It’s like knocking away targets at a shooting range. Just terrific. 

I strong suggest that if you’re struggling to get things done while we’re on this long break, you take some time in the morning, do a crossword with your mates, and plan out the day in 30-minute bits. You’ll feel better for it, and that’s a Pillihp guarantee. 

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