We’re back, baby. By @DaisyBard

Daisy Bard

By Daisy Bard


We’re back, baby. 

This term, I’m raring to go. Aside from the slight slip up with my scab (it’s a day late but it’s here), I’m feeling really excited to be back and already in the swing of things. We’re presenting this morning to the Metro and then have two briefs on the go to keep us busy, plus some ‘resilience’ classes this afternoon*. And we’re just starting our third day back. 

The restorative power of a holiday is well known, and I took advantage of the break as a chance to spring clean my brain of winter blues. Yes, I have noticed it’s still winter, but the early morning wake-up in the dark is gradually becoming more manageable, and hey, my birthday’s on the horizon. 

We were asked to do our reflection slides on the theme of how we’d approach term 2 differently to term 1. Sorry for the spoiler, but my ambition is…drumroll…

to come at every task with energy, humour and joy.

From portfolio briefs to keeping the kitchen clean; from finding a partner to staying punctual with my scabs (sorry again Marc!). Nothing at school will be too serious to laugh at, and nothing too dull to enjoy, even if I feel like I’m hitting a creative wall. But we all need each other’s support from time to time. No shame in that. So if you see me slumping over an empty mug of coffee spouting incomprehensible nonsense at my partner/portfolio/pencil case – it’s been known to happen – pull me out of it with a walk around Brixton, a chat or a fun snack. I’ll do the same for you. 

*I don’t know what these are but my guess is someone else will write a scab on it. And if not, I will. 

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