70 odd days – By @james_reyn

By James Reynolds



70 odd days

At the start of the week, Marc reminded us there were 79 days until the end of term.

It made me think about day 1 at SCA, the early days of the course and how far we’ve come.

Looking back it’s incredible just how many masterclasses we have had. Even though i’ve tried to soak everything in along the way, i feel like it’s just starting to click. It’s a question i’ve asked previous students a few times – when will we ‘get it’. Everyone’s different. And even though i feel like the penny has dropped, i’m not waiting for the miraculous moment to ‘get it all’ anymore – there will always be something new to learn.

You can’t help but compare yourself to others at school. That’s what Marc is doing pretty much all the time anyway, and he’s not afraid to let you know. But I think it’s important for future students at SCA to just concentrate on themselves and their own progression. I’m convinced some students are naturals and will do well off the bat. Others will spurt in the last few weeks. You run your own race. Being lucky enough to sync with a partner i’m sure can excel your progress. On the other hand, i think working with partners unsuccessfully can hinder your progress too.

For the next 70 odd days i’m going to give 110% to catch those in front of me. I’m going to move up Marc’s table and i’m going to have a portfolio that i’m proud of on portfolio day.

I would never usually write something like that for the world to see. But it’s now or never, and if it helps to motivate myself to get me where I want to be then so be it.

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