A letter to the little pieces of work I was meant to do this week. @JoeySare

By Joe Sare 

The first half-term has fried my brain a little. You think and think until there’s no time left, and then I need to start building whatever your outcome is meant to answer. The adrenaline rush of tight deadlines does wonders for producing work, but it’s knackering once I come down. And now I feel like I’m in a little slump. So I’ve ignored much of you.


Because there’s not been much work due immediately this week, I’ve put all of you little tasks to the back of my mind and spent this time resting. Don’t get me wrong, having a little break from you during the late night work sessions have been a great chance to catch up on myself, but the problem was, I didn’t manage my downtime like I manage my workloads. All the small little tasks are just pushed back and were deemed ‘insignificant’, and that’s not cool. And I’m now sitting here at my desk playing catch-up. Here is a list of things that I should’ve done this week, but I’m now organizing to do over the weekend instead of having a social life.


To the list of people I’ve chosen to work with, thank you for not being too difficult. I quickly produced my lists of who I (hopefully) will and will not be working with. Although my choices were pretty easy, choosing who I didn’t want to work with was a little more difficult, because it doesn’t mean I don’t ever want to work with them, I’m just not sure we’d be suited to work together on any long projects. Equally, there’s plenty of other people I want to work with who I didn’t put down, because, hopefully, we’ll knock out a few topicals out together soon enough.


To my Monster, I’m sorry. I thought our relationship together would be easy, but, to be honest, you’ve been the bane of my life. I wish I could feed you the content you deserve to post, but I’m too far gone from the world you inhabit to properly do the content justice. Everything I thought of posting wasn’t nearly good enough. I’m sorry, but I’m leaving you, and I’m finding a new monster that I’ll be working with now. I hope someone else has the same idea that I had and does you justice, but you’re pretty much dead to me. Again, my apologies, but over the weekend, I’ll be with someone new who I’ll love and care properly. Best wishes.


To my opening credits, we’ve really got to start getting closer. You’re showing promising signs, but you really just need to be figured out. I promise I’ll spend more time with you this week and get you finished. I don’t want to be embarrassed when I put you out into the world, so I’ll make sure I put more effort into you.


(Note to self: plan your downtime. Just because work is not immediate, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing now. it will not disappear, it will just build up and take up your weekend. You’ll also end up seeing them as people who’re just following you around.)

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