A Mindfulness Activity – By @MadStandish

By Maddy Standish


A Mindfulness Activity


Like many other members of the new intake for this year, I have had to quit my job(s) in order to fully devote my time to a new higher-calling. This is leading to me realising a few things – again.


First of all, I can no longer spend the time doing what I love when I was working from home. These things include, fruitlessly contacting the council about the fly-tipping problem on our street, harassing the builders to finish the tiling work that started in April and left our shower out of action and other things like going to the dry cleaners and post office. I shed a tear for these but embrace what’s to come, including the pressure.


At this point we have been fully immersed in a load of wonderful things like poetry, improv, mindfulness and brilliant masterclasses by fascinating mentors. It has truly been an eye-opening and inspiring few days.


However, the briefs are only going to get harder, the deadlines will start piling up and we all need to stay on top of the 10 million rotas we have on our group chat.


What I’ve decided to do is create something that we can all use when we feel the need to destress. A mindfulness exercise, if you will. I predict this will be useful in the future.


This comprises of just a few steps and materials.


You will need:


  • Printer
  • Piece of paper
  • Lighter / box of matches / piece of flint / magnifying glass
  • To be at your wit’s end




  1. Print off the effigy below onto your piece of paper
  2. Customise and decorate with felt-tip pens or stickers (optional)
  3. Head to your nearest outdoor space or bathroom without fire alarms
  4. Think about how stressed you are
  5. Think about how much pressure you and others put on yourself
  6. Become overwhelmed
  7. Begin to cry
  8. Scream a little (not optional)
  9. Using your chosen fire making device, set fire to your effigy
  10. Try not to burn fingers as you feel the stress melt away

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