Advertising around the world: Part II – By @JesseOHare

Jesse Sharp-O'Hare

By Jesse Sharp-O’Hare


Advertising around the world: Part II

Gather round Penguins for the next instalment of advertising around the world, as we continue to globetrot through the best work agencies have to offer. Last time was more of an agency bent, while this time we’re going to focus on the diverse selection of work on offer.


We have encountered some of india’s great ads during Shekhar’s masterclass, and he gave us some insight into the working of JWT’s office in India. Indian ads are often bold and bombastic, as we can see from this mad max inspired piece for Ching’s Chinese, starring superstar Ranveer Singh (, that borrows motifs from both Hollywood and Bollywood cinema, and this incredible Nike ad that artfully adapts a ‘classic’ Nike style ad for the women of India ( Advertising here can also be very touching and human, with this Google ad by Ogilvy and Mather India a particular favourite ( Very touching, and it demonstrates the product through some really great storytelling. This ad from Ariel and BBDO really speaks to the audience, and the hashtag associated with it spawned a real discussion across India about the role of women and doing more to balance the workload within families. (


If you ask most people about Australian advertising, they’ll probably say something about two blokes on the beach solving problems and drinking cheap tasteless beer. Actual advertising down under has so much more to offer (plus no one even drinks Foster’s in Australia). As Dave Birss explained in our masterclass, the level of creative leeway afforded Australian agencies are higher than in lots of global agencies, and the work here is often unexpected and almost always a little cheeky. While I could have found some other ones, nothing could really compare to that genius detergent ad we saw yesterday, so let’s watch it all over again and bask in its brilliance. ( Staying in the realm of ‘cheeky’ but with a more serious message, these selection of billboards and tv spots making fun of boy racer’s need to show their manliness was a huge success in Oz, poking fun but also highlighting a serious issue. Plus it has an old woman doing the ‘little dick’ sign which is just great. (

I hope this has been informative and even a little fun, stay tuned for (maybe) part III.

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