An Ode to Yoghurt – By @DaisyBard

Daisy Bard

By Daisy Bard


An Ode to Yoghurt 

We’ve all gone a bit nuts over yoghurt this week for our second portfolio brief. My partner and I have been convincing the world (our studio) that Liberté can cure your period pain. Long story short, in my delirium I wrote a poem about yoghurt. Forgive the loose scansion/rhyming scheme/slight erotic undertones. 

An Ode to Yoghurt 

Oh tongue-tickler, morning throat-coater

For me, there’s no yoghurt quota 

You hit the right note,

Whether bovine or goat, 

I’ll finish up every iota.

Oh jellified god how I hallow

Your thickened richesse, never shallow

I’ll bathe in Liberté

Whatever they say

And swallow it down as I wallow.

Gobble the Collective for guts by the tub 

A capacious and spacious bucket of grub

The breakfast of kings, really and truly

It’s putting the ‘passion’ in passionfruit coulis.

I’m outrageously full but I’ll rally 

For a tempting spoonful of Yeo Valley

It’s the farmer’s delight,

So wrong but so right 

Though the lumpy bits drive me doolally.

And what of brands not on the brief?

With Petit Filous I’ve no beef

And the rest of the canon

(I’m ‘mmmm’ing for Danone)

Lo! it stirs my digestive relief.

This poem has far overrun

So forgive me for jumping the gun

But this ‘cultural’ frolic

Begs words hyperbolic 

So go lick some lids. Now I’m done. 

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