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We cannot truly advertise if we only study people and we cannot even define ourselves. I recently discovered that my many interests and hobbies turn me into a T shaped creative. I thought that it all just had to be a coincidence, that there is nothing special about me. I am just a guy that happens to be creative and curious enough to try and do anything. Some people plan their careers and know what they going to do every step of the way, yet I have not been so fortunate. But my pursuit of personal ventures over the many years has given me skills I never even realised, until they were pointed out to me.

From an early age, I was just an avid illustrator and drawing everything, on everything and never really did anything with my skills until my late teens. Then, I really started getting into my element, studying at university and having a naïve idea to start using the drawings I made and combining them with fabric. From designing my own clothing to designing trainers, I taught myself what I needed to know, picking up even more skills along the way. I went from directing music videos for friends to turning that into cutting my promo films for the brands I have started. And while all this was happening, I began dabbling with music production software and teaching myself to DJ.

I never pursued anything I did not naturally have an interest in and I genuinely felt my happiest when I was stuck in the middle of everything, learning and problem solving. Over the years my drive to keep doing new things, to do them better than before, continues to grow even to this day. I have a burning desire to start another brand and to start making my own Floral and Hawaiian shirts, learning from all my past mistakes and to surround myself with the talent that can help me achieve my goal. 

Even now as I finish up at SCA and I have my eyes on starting another brand, I also have my eye on making a Motor racing team with one of my closet friends. He has bought two Mazda RX-8s which don’t run, and we are going to fix them, doing a full engine rebuild and track ready fabrication. This is something I have never done before, but something that interests me deeply and will be another skill that I will pick up, on another journey in my life. 

Taking a moment to stop and observe the things that I’ve challenged myself with over the years has given me a greater insight into the person I have become: someone that has a broad interest in many different areas of life and culture, but has been able to specialise more into a creative field. 

This makes me a T shaped person.

While at the SCA, myself and Marley Muirhead have helped launch the Create not Hate Initiative and are helping the next generation of creatives be a lot more diverse. If you’d like to get involved with Create not Hate, please email and donate:

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