Art of Copy? Where to draw the line? – By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


Art of Copy? Where to draw the line?


Earlier this year, John Hegarty said, “Are you Art or Copy?” and I said, “both”. John replied “Pick one, or you’ll be average at both” and I’ve started to understand why… 

It’s not that I can’t compose good layout and good copy but more of the effect it can have on a partnership when the line isn’t drawn. 

Whilst working with my partner Blaž, an Art Director, I’ve found that there comes a point where if I’m working on art direction too, then not only am I infringing on his role but I’m also neglecting the copy.

This is bad. Our copy needs to be A1.

But there’s an urge in me to compose beautiful imagery. And if I’m honest, I think the day I describe my role solely as a writer, is the day I become a shadow of my former self – I really like writing but it just isn’t enough on its own to sustain me.

In saying that, I’ve come to realise that my actions can portray an image of distrust, sticking my felt-tipped nose in where it’s not needed. 

At the moment, I think the solution to this is to leave the designing to my partner once we’ve agreed on an execution and maybe get my fix of art direction from elsewhere, like back alleys (graffiti guys, c’mon) or culture projects. 

We’re still pretty new so I’m hopeful we’ll be fine. If anyone has suggestions or similar stories though, please drop me a line. 

Writer (and closet Art Director) – Matt


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