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Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Attention to detail 

We are approaching D&AD after working on case study videos for the whole year. How many of them do you remember? Probably less than 5. So how can we tell a story and make it sticky? 
First off all every video has to be perfect. An amazing voice over, nice quality and size of images, the right content. People are sick of seeing pixelated images in the video. 
Voice over and the music are another important element. The voice over should be professional, recorded on a great microphone. I suggest fiver, a website were you can pay 5 quid and have a professional voiceover in a matter of hours. If your pockets are as small as mine, time republik can be a great place to have a free voice over too. On the platform you can trade some of your skills and time to gain time and money with other people. 
If it is possible, find an appropriate song without lyrics that doesn’t disturb the voice over. 
The effects and transitions can be easy but they have to make sense all together . Make them match and don’t use a fancy effect that is different from the rest of the video. That makes no sense, please don’t do it. 
Now the most important part, the story. How to make the story sticky? To make a complete story that have a sense all together without rambling about some random point you discovered while doing research. If there is something in the script it has to have a reason for being there. But to make the story stay in your mind and make it personal we have to focus on a small detail. Something that everyone can relate to and imagine, so it can become a part of the story. 
Tell your story as if you’re telling it to a friend: this applies no matter where you are or who your audience is. 
Give the place, time, setting and any relevant context in the shortest way. 

Put emotion in it. People have to feel something in order to be part of the story. 

Put yourself in it. To convince someone about your story you have to strongly believe in it and put all of yourself into it. 
Always answer the six questions. What, why, when, how, where and who? That helps the person to imagine more clearly, but remember it is what lies behind these facts that creates the emotional connection. 
The story behind the story is as important as the story itself. People will see your video and have an opinion about what you say. So tell them what you believe and be proud of it. 
I hope this will help everyone to do better case study videos and give help to create more emotional ones that will stick in the minds of the people and stay there. 
Ah yeah, the idea behind remains the most important thing. But don’t fuck up everything with the execution. 

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