Pete’s PIES

Last week during Town Hall, Pete got us to speak openly about our PIES.

I know what you’re thinking… did SCA host their very own Great British Bake off?

Unfortunately, we did not. I can only imagine the craziness and absurdity of BOATS pie creations (a potential minefield for soggy bottoms!)

PIES is actually an acronym for:





It’s a framework that fosters self-development and creates awareness through actively engaging in the four pillars of human nature: Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

The idea is that you take a moment in the day to think about where you’re at and how you feel in those four areas.

You might try asking yourself the following questions:

P When did you last engage in some sort of physical activity? How is your diet, sleep and nutrition?

I Have you expanded your knowledge and skills recently? How is your attention span and ability to focus?

E How are you coping with life at the moment? Do you have a positive outlook?

S Have you expanded your sense of purpose and meaning in life? When did you last take some time to reflect?

It’s a really useful mental health habit that not only allows you to check in with yourself but it’s also a great way to let others know how you’re feeling.

During the class, Pete got us talking and we opened up. 

It was refreshing.

Not only because for the first time in a long time I actually took a few minutes to think about how I was feeling but I blocked everything else out of my mind and really listened to what other people were saying. 

And I related to a lot of it. Most of us shared the same emotions and feelings and it was really comforting to know I wasn’t alone in them.

I know when I spoke, I ended up talking about things I didn’t even realise that I felt.

As a result, I’ve been thinking about that class a lot the past week.

That’s a STICKY class. 

I did wonder if I’d actually have time to make this part of my daily routine. With a busy SCA schedule, personal obligations and a mile-long to-do list (that never seems to go down!) it’s so easy to go through days in a blur and get to the end and wonder what happened.

I get into bed most evenings and I don’t remember or know how I managed to get everything done because I was moving so quickly.

But I’ve realised that I need to slow down sometimes. I need to pause. I need to give myself time to reflect and think about how my mind and body feels. Even if it’s whilst brushing my teeth!

And if there is an area I feel needs my attention, I do something about it.

I look after myself.

I take care of my mind and my body.

And I shouldn’t be afraid to talk to others about it too.

I’ve now made PIES part of my daily routine and it’s made such a difference to my outlook.

I highly recommend it.

If there’s 3 things I’ve taken from Pete’s class that I can share with you, it is these:

  1. Everyone is human. We all feel the same feelings. Everyone can feel strong, weak, funny and scared. 
  2. It is so important to talk about how you’re feeling. Don’t ever keep them sheltered. And always check up on people and ask if they’re ok.
  3. You’ll never find time for anything. If you want YOU time, you must make it.

Till next time.

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