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By Marta Morientes


Basquiat vibes

Until today, we’ve been 7 days at SCA and it seems we know each other since a long time. It’s amazing how fast the days go by in SCAB I guess that’s the reason we write SCABs: We have to stop. Think what we’ve done and how we can improve from now on. This way we learn.

Today we’ve met Ian, I am so happy we can learn from him this year. He has teached us about formats, templates, details and, life drawing. The workshop was about expressing on paper what we felt in our body with closed eyes, weird feeling.  After a while, we had the opportunity to open our eyes and see our classmate’s drawings.


There were cool shit!

One caught specially my attention.

Rachel’s one.

Her drawing had many similarities with *Basquiat style!

Basquiat was a big fan of anatomy and he used to portray the problem of how is the relation between the interiority and exteriority of the body. Long time ago I didn’t think about him and after seeing Rachel’s drawing I’ve been remembering Basquiat, his values, his art and his raw life.

When I lived in Bilbao I used to go every Sunday to Guggenheim Museum which only has one painting from him in his permanent exhibition, just to see it. After that I used to come back home (so that you can imagine my fanaticism).

Basquiat was a street kid and became a pop culture icon in his brief life.

He shook up the 80s and gave a jolt of life to the galleries of New York.

His characteristic style is rooted in expressionism, but influenced by everything around him, from high culture to jazz.

He’s now one of the most expensive artists in the world. 

He had coolest hair ever. True?

What I admire most about him is that he represents an ideal of what can be achieved. Regardless of your background or how you started, you can become established and successful as an artist having your own strong voice.

It’s sort what SCA wants from us in advertising world, isn’t it?

*For those who don’t know Basquiat, what have you been doing all these years!!!???

Okey, we can solve this. You must see this documentary and this one Maybe buying this book and I think with that information would be enough 🙂

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