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By Elle Bellwood


Being Inspired. 


Being an art director, I am constantly looking for new things/products/artists/stuff to inspire me and this can sometimes be a lot harder than you think. Especially sitting in the SCA studio all day, you can begin to feel trapped and uninspired. So throughout this SCAB I thought I would share all the links you can look at online (while in the SCA studio) to help inspire your work. 

Business of Fashion: It’s campaign but for fashion and retail. It has up-to-date information about current fashion houses, scandals, gossip, jobs, etc. 

Campaign: We all know this one. 

Ad Forum: Has a collection of great ads, case studies, agencies which you can filter through for inspiration. 

Ads of the World: Very similar to Ad Forum. 

Look at your old work! 

WGSN: Great for trend reports and has loads of insights into consumer behaviour and habits. 

(don’t hate me for it but) Pinterest: Pinterest helps me pull together visual aesthetics as it generates loads of imagery for your chosen subject. 

Your favourite agencies websites: What work have they created? Any new clients? Email a mentor? 

Vogue Runway: Again very fashion heavy but helps with trends and especially colour palettes for upcoming seasons. 

Look through old reflection decks: What work have your peers made which inspires you? 

Cannes Lions: Look to the greats! 

Frances Berry: A plug for an artist which I have admired for years. She uses loads of different mediums. 

Lecture in Progress: A company run by It’s Nice That which is for young creatives which seek support and guidance and celebrates the good bad and ugly of the industry. They also have some really interesting interviews and articles up there. 

It’s Nice That: The Mother of Lecture in Progress. Originally a magazine but is all for creatives and will bring up some interesting topics which you may have never thought of before. 

Show Studio: Fashion again! But vlogs and videos with some of the most successful artists, photographers, designers and producers in the world which focus on art direction and not fashion. 

Girls with No Filter: I am currently listening to this on my commute into school. Jess Wright. Yes Jess Wright off of TOWIE. But she talks about struggles for the modern day women and gives some great advice. I always feel so empowered after I listen to one of her episodes. 

Grand Designs: Who doesn’t love Grand Designs? Very refreshing when you need a break from logos, layout and fonts. 

LSN: All global trends and patterns. Great for insights. 

Pantone: Look at Pantones colour of the year. They also release reports for seasonal colours which could help some of the art directors out there. 

Enjoy! Bellwood x 

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