Sitting on Bench – By @RomanLapacz

Roman Lapacz

By Roman Lapacz


Sitting on Bench


I love when my homework is an excuse to do weird stuff.

Sit on a bench and stare at people for hours, what a great way to spend your holidays, right ? I do it all the time anyway.
I give them a name, an age, a career, one or two sexual fantasy… It’s fun !

For example, look at this guy. Let’s call him Bernard. Bernard is a 63 years old man who seems to know a lot about wine. I can tell because his nose is so big and red peoples must try to find water on it. He also as huge hands, worker type. I can picture him in a workshop building wooden furnitures out of enormous oaks. But now he lost his jobs because of Ikea and China, whence come his new interest in alcohol. It all fits.

But let’s talk about something a little more joyful.
A women, for example, let’s find one who looks interesting. And by interesting I mean sexy as hell.
Like that one beautiful specimen sitting on the bench right in front of me. She got a face to be called Carla. Black hair, black eyes and matching short dress. She is waiting for someone, my guess would be the old guy who she convinced she is in love with whereas she is waiting to get his heritage.
She is really attractive and she knows it, her eyes are pointing in my direction as if she could hear me thinking.
Oh damn, I just realised she is actually looking at me.
I’m a speccy 20 years old guy who is staring at her while writing on a paper in the middle of a mole.
That’s awkward. But maybe she is flattered.
Well, the way her eyebrow just frowned tell me there is a great chance she is thinking about calling the cops right now.
My heart is beating like hell, I have to pretend my eyes are going in here way just by coincidence, like I’m lost in a thought or something.
Oh my god, we made eye contact. I have to find a way out of this.
Quick, sneeze and pretend to look in the opposite direction. Ye look at this Christmas tree, wow so interesting, and just wait for her to lose interest.
This is taking ages, is she still looking ? I don’t even dare to rise my eyes, let’s just wait like this for an hour, those garland are nice anyway.
Finally, someone came to her, another women, look like she is an old friend of her, she is wearing the same kind of clothes. Let’s call her Barbar… well no leave here alone man, I’v got my content of bench sensations for today.

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