Exercise 1. – By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter


Exercise 1.

Here’s my first scab of 2018. And I’ve just decided a new years resolution. Do things quicker, (there’s a first time for everything). So I’m starting this at 15:40 and I will send it at 16:00. I have no idea what I’m going to write, today I’ve had a couple of thoughts sprawling around my head but I presume most people have thought the same. Like why the hell is that black cab driver being let out of prison and why on earth has trump described himself as a stable genius, I would describe him more like a stable idiot, constant at always being idiotic – what a complete and utter moron.

There’s so much going on it the world today so why is it that I’m struggling to find something to write about (I have 18 minutes left). Which has actually just lead me to think about something I thought about a while ago – Boredom. I cannot recall the last time I was ‘bored’, I don’t get how people (I talk about British millennials here) get bored. If your bored your not looking at the world in an interesting way. In my head there’s always too much I want to do but I never have enough time, so the feeling of boredom is a complete myth to me. For instance today I looked at my wardrobe and saw items I hadn’t worn in 12 months so decided to try and sell them (small plug for my depop shop here where you can find great quality clothing for a great price!). Or sharpen 50 pencils (I also did this in a clear out and gave my self a nice hefty blister). I didn’t do these things because I was bored, I did them because I wanted to clear out rubbish I was attached too. (I also feel it was my mild case of OCD taking over where I see something I haven’t used in 3 months and want to throw it away, sell it, or give it to my dad for rags not great for society or my health. People joke that I will live in a pristine white house with only the necessities of living in view; that being a bed and fridge.

But to finish my little plug about boredom, this might actually be the closest I’ve ever felt to it (apart from a 24 hours bus journey, where I take back all that I’ve written above). Its similar to that feeling when you lack an idea. You’re obviously not bored when your searching for an idea but you fishing for something. Whether it’s something to do or something to simply write about.

As scabs are happening more regularly this term they are going to act as great exercises to produce good quality content in a short amount of time. For instance, I want to maintain the same amount of time spent on each scab, but make the quality of what’s included in them better each time, whether that’s a drawing, writing, poems or anything else. So although I’ve given myself a bit of a task at least you know whoever is reading this that my words and the content of what I write can only get better than this utter babble I have just written within 15 minutes.

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