The final stretch – By @_ElliotL

By Elliot Lee


The final stretch

We’re very close to finishing the course, and it’s exciting but also daunting. I’ve learnt so much on the course, but I am most definitely ready to throw myself in adland in someway with my partner.

Creating a book is such a weird and unusual experience. Everyone has so many different opinions, some don’t even think books should exist and everything should be digital. One thing is for sure, whilst were digging for gold in adding an extra few campaigns, me and Rory really need to start thinking is this a brand and campaign we want to do, and does our voice exist in the work. We know the next few campaigns we create, we want the reaction of that a client will never in a million years run this, but creatives alike love it.

We’re also in the process in developing another book, where work exists that doesn’t include any form of posters, TVC’s or radio. All mediums of communication live in the real world or through social content, PR, even documentaries. It’s important on placements we discover what agency fits us because agencies really all are so different now. Most importantly though, it’s about great work, which I think can only exist when you truly have something to say. Work that breaks into culture, and hits you when you least expect it.

This weeks preparation is going to be intense. Building out our old book, and churning out new campaigns feels relentless sometimes. It’s mad to think how quickly it’s all closing in. One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward to getting rattled with a few drinks at the end of year party.

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