Changes – By @marleygam

By Marley Muirhead




Ola! So at school we’ve started to work on D&AD New Blood. If you remember from my last scab I wrote about it being a blood bath – t’was an excellent pun if I do say so myself. Essentially I was writing about how hard D&AD is going to be, in terms of how gruelling a process we’re all going to have to go through to get to submissions we’re proud to put our name on. This week I think has just been a tiny taste of what’s to come. It’s all been quite fun to be fair. I mean for one we’ve moved into a new space which probably adds to all of the excitement. We have windows that open (what!) and daylight (no way!) and there are people when we walk outside, it’s not like being in a bit of a creative dungeon like the church was. Although I did like how bizzare it was. Weirdly enough, being in such a strange space added more credibility whenever you had to explain the school to someone. 


“Oh so what do you do?”


“I’m studying advertising.”


“Oh I didn’t know you could do that. What uni?”


“It’s actually a school called School of Communication Arts 2.0.”


“What is it a robot or something?”


“No this is just the second draft of the school if you will.”


“So what course are you on there?”


“We’re all on the same course. It’s just one course.”


“Oh so you don’t like study separately?”


“No but it’s divided into specialisms sort of, you have the copywriter and the art director. Copywriter does the words behind an ad, art director does the visuals.”


“Nice nice, so when do you graduate?”


“July kinda, but then we have a work placement so technically next February.”


“Work wow! Like a sandwich year?”




“So what degree do you get out of it?”




“Right… Where even is this place?”


“The top floor of a church in the middle of Brixton with caged windows that used to be a night club.”


“Makes sense.”


Now we just do the same weird thing in a space that makes slightly more sense. I suppose now we look more quirky and hipster than crazy.


But in addition to all the endorphins from moving, D&AD is going to be the longest school brief we’ve worked on with the most at stake. I think it’s a time that everyone’s drive really starts to get into gear. At least that’s what I’m sensing. It’s going to be an interesting month ’til the deadline and I’m exciting for the ride. 


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