Confession of a shopaholic – By @LuBPontier

By Lucie Pontier



Confession of a shopaholic



So, for my SCAB today I decided to tell you about one of my biggest problems since I arrived here. I always liked fashion (for those who did not notice it). I developed a kind of syndrome over time: as soon as I have money on my account I have to spend more than 100 € at least to buy clothes. The problem is that the money is not unlimited and I have trouble managing my accounts and my impulses for shopping.


When I’m stressed, I need to go shopping.

When I’m tired I need to go shopping. And when I’m happy, I need it too. So how? I can not solve this problem. We who had to find a problem for our class today, I think I should have talked about it and have advice from you


I watched a movie a few years ago when I started to really develop my taste for clothes. The movie was about a girl addicted to shopping. She had to do group sessions, like the alcoholics anonymous but for clothes. I found it a little ridiculous anyway, especially since I didn’t reach this stage either.


I will not go shopping if I am negative in my bank account for example. I will not let myself starve to buy clothes instead, otherwise I would be really crazy. I just don’t want to finish the month with 10 € on my account and put the money not spent in clothes to go on a weekend or save it for a big trip.


All that to say that since I arrived in London, there are three weeks, I have already cracked … 4 times. Except that, I already have a lot of clothes in Paris waiting for me, you do not even imagine. But in Paris I have a big apartment that allows me to store almost everything. I say “almost” because I use half of the closets of my mother … Naughty girl. Here in London, my closets are not at all suitable for a girl like me. So I have to make a choice.



So I decided, after careful consideration, to sell many of my clothes on the Vinted website. For you it may seem easy, but let’s say that for each garment I have a particular attachment. Even when I do not put it for a long time, I can not get rid of it. Finally, I told myself that it will allow me to make money, to spend it in new clothes, and not to touch my bank account.


Every problem has its solution and I found it. Thank you.

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