Could I be relied on to get things done? @dkelly1504

By Dan Kelly 

Could I be relied on to get things done?

 The style we chose was rap. Rap, like cookery or bowling, is an easy art to execute but a gargantuan beast to master. A comparatively decent although shallow background in music landed me with the task of creating the actual music track for the project. It ended up being inaudible on Marc’s sound system although I think it sounded pretty good on the correct medium. Ran it past Dusty and he seemed to think the mix was ok. I managed to make it but I regret that it wasn’t as crisp as I’d prefer. Got it finished nonetheless. Hope my group wasn’t too disappointed.


Were you the one who has a constant stream of ideas on tap?

Luckily Josh and I had quite complementary music tastes. We managed to solidify a style in our minds which we could build upon. I feel the textures and timbres of the music flowed quite naturally out of mine and Josh’s partnership. I share a lot of similar music tastes with Rachel, but they seemed comparatively niche. Regrettably, I feel I couldn’t come up with a decent visual proposal for our video which leads to a lackluster end product.


Were you the one who needs to speak up more?

There were points I wanted to be negative or resist another team member’s idea but I restrained myself and that’s why certain ideas I wasn’t in love with took hold. I need to work on my tact really. I need to be able to build on ideas I dislike or critique them in a constructive way rather than just


Did you always deliver on promises?

 I tried my best. I suppose putting myself forward as the group’s musician didn’t yield the result you might expect from a self-proclaimed musician. In that sense, a promise was broken.


The one who was really super-organized?

I wouldn’t say of myself that I belong in this category. The time spent on the music meant that there was much less time to focus on the video or to offer my insight and support to other aspects of the brief which I believe might have benefited from an extra pair of eyes.


Did I listen to other people’s ideas?

 I’m willing to acknowledge I failed in this task. Its early days, we’re still getting to know each other. I consider Rachel a friend and it’s very certain that she has much to offer in the vain of creative insight. However, she, feeling like many of us, was holding back on letting her ideas flow freely and I feel the project suffered from us not creating an environment in which she was able to comfortably share her perspective.


 Did you really listen and build on other people’s ideas?

 I certainly attempted to be receptive to other ideas. I had a difficult time trying to build on other ideas. Perhaps I don’t have the self-awareness or presence of mind to be able to aptly bring my own perspective to enrich somebody else’s. At the moment it simply feels like it’s a case of conflicting my idea against another with a fairly diluted end product.


Were you the hardest working person in your group?

 I tried to helm the group slightly, given my interest in music. I somewhat and reluctantly adopted a leadership role to keep the project above water. I do regret shirking some responsibilities especially were the management of my team is concerned but also with regard to the video and the album art. Toward the end of the project, I felt less of a commitment to the piece of art it had become and felt a conscious disconnect from the project which was unfortunate.

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