Our mission is to break the mould – so there isn’t really a typical day at SCA.

Because we work so closely with the industry, we often find ourselves responding to an unexpected urgent live brief, or sitting down to listen to one of the giants of the industry who has unexpectedly found they have the time to pop in and share their knowledge.

But there are some things that most days have in common.

Students usually arrive by nine, to give themselves a chance to have a coffee and plan their day before it all kicks off at 9:30, when Marc puts on something loud (music, not his trousers) to signal it’s time for ‘Town Hall’ – our morning assembly.

Town Hall is our chance to look at what the day and the week has in store and to set briefs, as well as an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have or share ideas and suggestions with the rest of the cohort.

Then there may be a masterclass for an hour or so: from Marc, teaching you the processes and skills you need to learn to generate original, ‘hire-that-team-immediately’ ideas, from one of the famous names in the business, sharing their knowledge and giving valuable advice, or from one of the faculty craft mentors teaching you the skills you need to give your work professional polish.


Then the students are free to work together on whatever briefs they have on (there are often two or three at a time) – supported by the faculty staff and whichever industry mentors are in for the day.

To say it gets lively would be something of an understatement.

There will be teams shooting videos, recording voiceovers, rehearsing songs, or taking photographs.

There will be teams shooting the breeze, and exploring possible directions for their campaigns, teams knocking out scamps by the dozen and teams practicing (or learning new) craft skills.

There will be somebody on a skateboard. Lots of people sharing food. And a dog (or two) chasing a tennis ball.

And it stays lively until it’s time to go home (usually 6, or 7-ish) to do a bit more work, and some research, and hopefully steal a few hours shut eye before it all starts again in the morning.

The good news is, on Fridays we often finish early, and share a drink together at the end of the day, to celebrate the coming weekend.

When there’s plenty of time to knock some more great ideas out.


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