We believe that creativity and diversity go hand in hand.

Funding and Scholarship Opportunities

We believe that creativity and diversity go hand in hand, so we choose our students based on talent, not on what money they have in the bank.

Unfortunately, being an independent portfolio school means our students are not eligible for Student Finance England and we are unable to offer student visas to international students, however, there are other options.

With the support of our sponsors and charity partners, we’re able to offer a limited number of scholarships at the school through our merit or means based scholarships.


Means-based scholarships

Our means-based scholarships are awarded by our charity partners and are specifically designed to widen diversity in the creative sector, find out more about our charity partners here:

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Brixton Finishing School


D&AD Scholarships are awarded to D&AD New Blood pencil winners, with up to 3 scholarships available each year.

To apply, simply email Marcia at marcia@schoolcommunicationarts.com to let her know you’ve won a pencil and that you’d like to apply.


Merit-based scholarships

Our merit-based scholarships are awarded through the school and funded by our sponsors.

Merit based scholarships are won through SCA scholarship competitions set by our current intake every April and are announced at our end of year party in July. Keep an eye out for more information on our scholarship competitions on our social media from April onwards.

You can check out some of our previous scholarship competition winners here:


Teach them a Lesson: Ellie Daghlian – It’s Ferry Enough

Hometown Hero: Katie Burrell – Become a Hometown Hero


Sophie Becker – Women On Board



Joe Sare – Double Standards

Rita Riera – #NOTHEYCANT

Rachel Morris – #breakingbread@brick


Other funding options

If you’re not fortunate enough to win a merit-based scholarship or receive one through our charity partners, we still have some funding options that we suggest applying to.

The lovely people at National Careers Service will try to help you apply for grants and charitable donations.  You can call them on 0800 100 900.  Let them know that SCA receives no government funding.  This might make your application more attractive to some grant providers.


Funding for everyone


The Blackheart Foundation


Funding for female creatives

Creative Equals

Futures for Women


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