Cream: By @_nadiahammoud

Nadia Hammoud

By Nadia Hammoud




CREAM awards

Fresh cream

Whipped cream

Whipping cream

Light whipping cream

Heavy whipping cream

Crème fraîche

Crème brûlée

Crème caramel

Cream sauce

Ice cream


Cream (band)

Cream (nightclub)

Pure cream

Single cream

Extra thick single cream

Double cream

Cream peas

Cream of wheat

Coconut cream

Clotted cream

Coffee cream

Custard cream

Flavoured cream

Goats milk cream

Table cream

Country-style cream

Long life cream

Manufacturing cream

Canned cream

Pressure packed cream

Reduced fat single cream

Reduced fat extra thick cream

Sour cream

Cool whip

Sterilised half cream

Half cream

Extra thick double cream

Cream liqueur

Ice cream cathedral

Irish cream

Pasteurised cream

Ultra-pasteurised cream

Chantilly cream

Channel Island extra thick double cream

Salad cream

Blend cream

Cream of tartar

Cream o’ Galloway


Cream of mushroom (and other vegetables)

Cream of chicken

Creamed beef

Cream cheese

Cream cheese frosting

Cream cheese icing

Face cream

Body cream

Hand cream

Foot cream

Aqueous cream

Sun cream


We aspire to be the cream of the crop.

The crème de la crème.

The cats that get the cream.

To cream the rest.

Any cream(s) missing from the above list? Comment on Facebook/Twitter.



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