D&AD #Mood By @cocoabutler

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


D&AD #Mood


The DeADline is fast approaching and the mood in  the studio shifts with every minute. Here are some thoughts and feeling that have been floating around…

‘We’ve got a lot to do but once we get going we’ll be able to smash it.’

‘If I saw this brief in the street, I’d punch it in the face!’

‘This is really fun. I wish it wasn’t ending on Tuesday.’

‘I think four briefs is a manageable amount…four briefs was three briefs too many.’

‘Oops I did it again, I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Ooo babey babey!’

‘If I don’t win a black pencil, I’m gonna paint one black.’

‘Being in different teams has taught me that cheating on your partner is a full-time commitment.’

‘I know this idea can look amazing, we just need to execute, execute, execute.’

‘This has been one of the first times a big part of myself is going into my work, I’m gonna make it work regardless.’

‘The twists and turns we’ve faced while on this brief would be great content for a reality show.’

‘Awww you guys! Everyone’s been so supportive and open these past few weeks, especially the mentors. Love y’all.’

‘Do amazing things under pressure we do.’

Will we be greater after this experience? Is this really make or break? 

Tune in next-time to see who makes the grade.


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