Doomsday is Coming

If I were alive 1000 years ago, I’d be preaching that doomsday is coming. I’d label myself a prophet and dress in the most bizarre clothing possible at the time (only to gain a shred of credibility).

One instant, life is as calm and boring as ever, the next, nothing but chaos and panic ensues. The street I’m on is facing toward a skyscraper, so the view of it is mostly unobstructed. The skyscraper (comparable to the shard) about 10 minutes walk away from where I am, vanishes completely, but in its place, are a countless number of multi-coloured bouncy balls, ranging from the size of a football to the size of a van. For a split second, time freezes and the balls are suspended in the air, forming the shape of the tower, however reality hits and they come crashing down onto the city. The very next second the shockwave hits and the ground continues to shake with each bounce of a ball. The bouncy balls, which normally would be described as fun, child friendly and bouncy (obviously) were now an onslaught of waves crushing people from the epicenter. 

Fuck… This could be death by a Sony ad. It took me a good couple seconds to realise that these balls actually could cave my head in as I heard the cries of panic and pain from those in the distance who were unlucky. Before the first wave even became visible on the far end of the street I was on, there was a second sonic boom as there now appeared to be a secondary wave of even more bouncing balls. Once the wave hit the street we were on, panic set in for everyone and people desperately ran for safety. Thank fuck for TFL, because there was an underground entrance no more than 10 steps away from me when this disaster was happening. When I finally managed to comprehend the danger and that I should look for safety, I ran straight to the entrance. But the moment I looked inside, I realised that I’d die if I stayed here. It was a dead end. 

Fortunately, there was a guy with me and he went up to the wall in the dead end and noticed there was a rusty, metal hatch in the far wall. He pulled at the edges trying to see if it led anywhere, and by some miracle it completely opened and had light coming from it so it seemed like it actually could lead somewhere. We crawled through the tunnel and realised that we’d have to keep crawling as it was small and seemed like it was built for dwarves in the hobbit. 

Eventually the tunnel grew larger, but no more than 3m tall so it still felt claustrophobic. The tunnel led to a lower room which turned out to be a station for a hyperloop train system ( a fancy modern train that travels in a vacuum to avoid air resistance). Apparently, there were multiple tunnels leading to this stations as about 100 or so people also arrived at this station. The problem was that the station was very small and when the train arrived. It was more of a carriage size train, shaped like a pod, housing only about 15 people maximum. It had a singular door that opened with hydraulics which revealed a single, bright red sofa inset to the pod that curved around it, forming a c shape. 

It made no sense. Why is the transport system so small?  There’s no way everyone will be able to escape. 

To be continued…

You probably might be thinking that I’ve been watching too many films at the time of having this dream, except I hadn’t seen anything remotely similar to what was in the dream. I hadn’t seen the Sony ad for at least 5 years when I had the dream. 

I couldn’t get images for this dream, so I got images for a different one instead.

The eye would be in the place of the glowing blue thing in the first picture.


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