Frogs will fly – By @Alfie60428342

By Alfie Hardman


Frogs will fly

There is a fine line between having a bold, creative strategy that sets the brand in a fresh direction and being too studenty. I fucking hate this word ‘studenty’, but you know what I mean. It’s a controversy for the sake of controversy, let’s get Tipex to cure cancer, let’s show uber as the new Airbnb but with wheels or let’s have a non-alcoholic Johnny Walker for teathing toddlers. 
Obviously, I’m exaggerating but in all the excitement of having a seemingly fresh idea, it’s important to give it a steady review by using S.U.C.C.E.S tools to judge it. Yesterday we had a book-crit with Stu from Creature. He’s brilliant at getting you fired up, you leave realizing that you haven’t injected your full self into your work. It’s encouraging and enraging all at the same time. 
His advice was that we take bigger creative leaps on our strategic thinking. The general feeling was that our book is too sensible at the moment and he’s right. The thinking is right but the direction ain’t bold enough and different channels need to be explored with everything. It’s all a bit like finding a red Ferrari is unlocked with no one about. You get in, find the keys but don’t dare to put them in the ignition and go for a spin. This may or may not have happened to me, I’ll let you decide. 
Our books just a little too well mannered, dull is probably going too far but if you compare it to what I know we are capable of… yeah, it’s dull. Me and Max both know we can make the work that twists the brands meaning in an interesting way while also backing it up a bulletproof strategy. I think Creature have it down to a tee with their agency moto, ‘Intelligent Misbehaviour’. 
It’s better to go overboard to then be reigned. You never know, the ECD you’re seeing may see something in your fresh thinking even if it is wrong for that brand. There might be an untouched truth nestled in somewhere. 
Yep. It’s time to assault some senses. Got bat shit Basquiat crazy and let our work stand out a little more in both strategy and executions. Adverts are dying after all and we’re competing with art, music, fucking Candy Crush and the good-looking someone that’s checking you out. It’s time to explore more while occasionally looking down to check that we’re still tethered to planet earth. 
A 95-year-old man parachuted out of a plane while flying over Normandy. It’s only after you see that he was a war veteran commemorating the D-Day landings that you get it. Like this story, it’s time to do something that gets talked about with good strategy and reasoning to back it up. We’re ready to celebrate simple thinking and execute them in ways not seen before with more crazy lateral leaps that make sense. 
Frogs won’t fly, they’ll be driven around in red Ferraris.  

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