Introducing Matthew Butler

Matt Butler

By Matthew Butler



SCA in thirteen days! I’ve known about this for months but have only started to become comfortable with the idea in the past few days. It is what it is. Excitement is growing. I’m excited to see what happens and eager for some competition. This is not, and will not be one of my most eloquent writings but it is at least honest. I will be a badman creative and bog boy ideas (I just made that up but I kinda like it!). This is a new venture that I’m warming to.


By the way, what am I supposed to say in this thing? I get that it’s reflective but..?


I was planning to write something Jedi-Master deep but I guess that’s gone out the window. Hopefully in a year’s time I will have mastered that and a lot more.


I need to be better at starting things and finishing them. So I’m writing this in the five minutes before my cab comes and hoping that everything is on point.


I’ve got a lot to learn, I think if I leave in a year saying the same thing then I’ll be in a really good place (a wise man knows that he knows nothing at all…)


I feel like I’m rambling now.





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