Fun facts from a day trip to Cambridge – By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers



Fun facts from a day trip to Cambridge

-Night climbing is a local sport
-The college boys wear a costume and clean boots for no particular reason -There was a daylight tax a few hundred years ago so people had tiny windows -Chinese woman whose organs got stolen do yoga in front of the church
-They don’t want to say “Oxford” out loud
-A college is a perfect venue location for your 92nd birthday
-The original name was Grantabrycge
-There are 89 Nobel prizes you can link back to Cambridge Uni
-Being a professional tourist photographer would make a lot of money
-Locals who aren’t students exist
-I don’t know what the general IQ score is but it must be high
-British citizens need more sun screen
-Everyone thinks you’re a student if you look young enough
-You can play cricket without feeling like you’re the only snob in the area
-Can’t remember who, but someone had a bear as pet
-Green grass is holy and cannot be tempered with
-Punting is expensive but it gives you that genuine tourist feeling
-And you don’t have to be a professional to punt
-I haven’t tried the Fitzbillies Chelsea buns
-All the buildings look the same
-Student dorms are available on AirBnb
-Pink Floyd did their first gig there in a pub
-The train station is way too far from the city centre
-The college kitchens look like McDonalds
-David Attenborough was a student at Cambridge
-You’ve seen it all in a day
-Most of the colleges are closed for tourists on open day
-I haven’t seen enough Ralph Lauren polo’s

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