Get a Grip. – By @AlekLewin

Get a Grip. 

We’ve been talking about time management a lot this week. Lots of people talking about having to  juggle multiple tasks, as well as how to balance work life with your personal life alongside the ever  impending sense of doom brought about by the coalition of Johnson, Corona & Trump. Thankfully one of those 3 is on it’s swift way out the back door. Thrown out into a dark, damp alley  by what I only hope is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. 

Personally, I feel that being at SCA has actually improved my time management. Setting myself  regular goals to achieve has helped, as well as the constant fear of being left behind by my very  talented pals of Checkout. The last couple of briefs have come and gone without me having a  meltdown which is a lovely and welcome change. 

Now, dear reader, imagine the scene. I look at my watch and see it’s 9:50pm. Almost bed time. All  those suckers writing last minute SCABS while I brush my teeth and slink off to dream about  winning some sweet, sweet points from the mentors when we present our work at the end of the  week. What sucker can’t manage their time?!  

Me. I can’t. I’m the sucker writing a last minute SCAB I TOTALLY forgot about. 

7 minutes to go. I feel like a hacker in a bootleg copy of a heist film. I’m almost in the mainframe.  The security are closing in. A bead of sweat drips to the floor. 

6 minutes to go. Isn’t it incredible how waiting 3 minutes for your tube feels like an eternity and  yet these seconds are slipping by quicker than Marc flipping through some below par reflection  slides. 

5 minutes to go. Seriously?! Alek… That’s all you wrote with 6 minutes to go? Get a grip. You’ve  still got to export this to the write format to send off or Ian is going to come after you with what I  can only assume are knuckle dusters printed with ‘Love’ and ‘Font’ 

4 minutes to go. Almost time to wrap this up and send it off to Amy.  

Don’t be like me. Plan out your days by the hour. Make the most of every second at SCA. It’s the  most beautiful experience and any second not optimised is wasted.  

3 minutes to go. It’s time we said our goodbyes. See you on the other side, in the next SCAB I  inevitably forget about til the last second. 

Thank you and goodnight. 

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