Give me anything, I’ll make you a story

When I fantasize about who I could have been during Middle Ages, I immediately think about storytelling’s keepers. These nomads learned a story by heart and went from place to place to enchanting people with words. The moment when storytellers said “Once upon a time” was surely the equivalent of the good “Tom,tommm” sounds for a good Netflix and chill for villagers. They couldn’t live the room without hearing the whole story. 

Now, I’m sure my imagination has romanticized medieval times, supported by books, and movies, but there’s always a sparkle of truth in those inspirations. 

People had, have, and always will loooove stories. We crave for some, and fortunately, it’s all around us! Everything that entertains us, makes us think, cry, feeling good, has a story in its core. This is a powerful way to make a “this is the best toothpaste in the world, buy it”, to “Liam uses his toothbrush time every day to learn Japanese. Day by day, he became stronger, until he finally met his Japanese girlfriend’s parents and impressed them with his skills.”

And because we never had enough, we even make our own stories. This is the most playful child reflex I had. From anything, a sense, a name, a picture, a feeling, a word, a sound, or an ice cream flavour, I can invent a story. What you don’t believe me? 

From a word: bus

They decided to defy the hurricane. 

She seems bold and untouchable. He seems dreamy like a whole different world was meeting his eyes. On the bus, they both look in the same direction. Him smiling in the emptiness and her, trying to challenge even her own reflection in the window. She wants to defy the world and he will follow her. Maybe more by habits than by true willingness, but I know he will. They are inseparable. Her hand in his hand, his chest supporting her head, their luggage stuck in their intertwined feet. 

They decided to confront the hurricane and go travel. Maybe in Vietnam or France. I bet even they don’t even know it yet. 

From the book: “Extra Time, 10 lessons for living longer better” by Camilla Cavendish

He was hungry for knowledge. Sitting down in the uncomfortable blue subway chair, he’s reading “Extra Time, 10 lessons for living longer better “, with a little smile on his face. He had a lot of time to wait, and nobody to look into the blank of its eyes.

He quickly used his underliner to highlight what he will use for his daily life, before getting back to his lecture. From all the way, he always smiled. It was like the book remained him of some good memories that echo in his head, over and over. 

If you see a person all covered in black in the subway, you will certainly see him in the last pages of his book, trying to make his life better. 

From a brand: Specsavers 

“Please I don’t need to wear glasses”. This is what she kept saying to everybody, even today, to the seller at Specsavers in front of her. 

“Euh… Why are you here then?”

“You see”, she started like she hasn’t heard his question, ” Today started well. I was outside, waiting for a friend. She was supposed to drive us to the Christmas market. When I saw her car, I jumped straight into it! I didn’t think it through, I was freezing outside! But turns out… It wasn’t my friend. I just jumped in a car of a complete stranger.”

“Oh my god! What happened after?”

“The most outrageous thing! I explained my mistake to him and he drove me here, without my contentment! Look, he’s right here, checking on me outside! Can you believe that?”

“You’re right! It’s unbelievable! Some people are still willing to help others without even knowing them! Come on, let’s find you something before you thank the guy by buying him a hot chocolate at the Christmas market!” 

So, next time you’re seeing me, give me anything, and I’ll make you a story.


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