Go your own way – By @TomoWrites

By Tomo Taka


Go your own way

A wise man (miss ya, Pete) once said life at SCA is a bit like learning to ride a bike. Except at the school, you also have expert bike riders – with their tricks and 360° flips – teaching you their way of freewheeling down the advertising slope.

Ultimately though, as this departed sage would tell us, it’s up to us to find our own knack. We take on board the advice of these pro riders and discover our own way, happen upon our own balance. And that process is a constantly evolving one.

Just last week, everybody revealed where they get their best ideas during Friday Reflections. Nobody said school. The closest we got was a couple of the guys saying their light bulb moment comes on the loo. Our studio is a bit of a sh*thole after all.

But until last week, a lot of us would spend north of ten hours inside the school – expecting golden ideas to magically descend upon us inside the church building. Even in a house of miracles, that’s asking a lot. 

The studio feels slightly emptier this week. It looks like we’ve finally cottoned onto the fact that our best ideas, our best work, come to us elsewhere. I used to spend all day inside school. There were days I wouldn’t leave the building for lunch. It sounds stupid. Counterproductive. I was a slave to that routine. And it’s taken me the best part of six months to figure that out.

Like the wise man said, though, you find your own way.

Everybody has things they do, places they head to, for a bit of inspiration. Listening to Fleetwood Mac gave me the idea for this SCAB. See, inspiration can come from anywhere. 

Today I got home a few hours earlier than I’m used to and spent 20 minutes in the evening going for a jog while thinking up ideas for a brief. During Friday Reflections, I mentioned I get my bed best ideas when I’m half asleep. I’ll try to build that into my creative process too.

That’s one of the best things about what we do. ‘Work’ is whatever works for you. That can come on your arse, with your eyes closed or on the bog.

Part of the SCA journey is about finding what works for you: learning to ride that metaphorical bike and always seeking a way to go faster. Right now, I’ve just about found what the saddle does.

We’ve all got to do our best Fleetwood Mac impression and go our own way. But who knows, in two weeks’ time that might change again.

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