21 days for a better me – By @iamvandale

By Adeline Dechaud


21 days for a better me


It takes 21 days to change a habit. Or to add a new one. Or to replace an old one.

Day one coming faster than anything, I decided to start as early as I could and work on some new habits. Not just for school but mostly for my personal well being.

Growing a better me will – hopefully – make me a better person, therefore will make this planet as little as it can a little bit better. 

I do believe that big changes start with little ones and nothing better than starting with yourself.

During the last two months or so, I’ve decided to try and change some of my reactions, feelings etc. 

Of course, I believe as well that no one ever really change but I know we can grow and become wiser. Maybe. Or not

This said, I’ve also decided to work on some physical habits, which might seem easier for some, but weren’t for me.

To finish, I’ve as well, replaced some of the – worst – habits that I had, with – I hope – better ones.

So I thought maybe I would share it with you all in case anyone would like to either take some of them or just know a little more about me.

  • I’ve decided to stop apologising when being late or saying something wrong etc., and thanking people for there patience or being understandable. That way, I am sharing gratefulness instead of negativity. My life is way more positive and people seem to appreciate it a lot more than expected. Life changer. 
  • At the end of everyday, I reflect on the day and try to catch and learn any kind of lesson I can. Not only it allows me to remind myself of my day – which makes my memory work –  but it also helps me analysing some of my reactions or thoughts. Life changer number two.
  • When away from home, I am now calling my parents once every day or two. Sometimes, by giving myself too much pressure – hello anxiety my old friend – I tend to withdraw from any kind of social life. Bad, real bad habit. By having my family on the phone, I always get a big bowl of positivity and a huge reminder of what I am worth. At least, what they think I am worth. In your face negativity.
  • I drink more water. Having my brain hydrated takes the headaches away and makes me feel so healthy I feel like a goddess.
  • I quit smoking. Drinking water to hydrate my brain and now getting rid of any dehydration caused by smoking some poison in a deadly expensive stick. Took me a while and I have to confess, sometimes with a drink it’s hard to refuse, but cigarettes have been an enemy of mine for years now and I’m glad to have f*cked them off. Excuse my French but it’s worth it.
  • Breathe and stretch. Call me a hippie if you’ll like but I realised how anxiety and/or stress leave your metabolism so much faster and better when breathing correctly. As well, stretching correctly in the morning helps your body being ready to anything. Believe it or not.
  • Eat healthier. I have put on 10kg within 8 months. I’ve never been this fat in my life and the excuse of the pill is not enough anymore. By letting yourself feel bad, you allow your body to change. So with all my new habits, I know that by adding that one, I should get my previous body back. That might sound a bit superficial but if it works for me, I’ll take it.
  • Move more, feel better. This one is still in progress as I started it only a few days ago. Of course, point above was the starting point but as a previous runner, I remember how good I used to feel after a long run. Mostly, I remember how much my brain used to wander during this time and some of the ideas I was the proudest at the time, came to me while running. Switching my body on to switch my thoughts off helps my brain working freely. And nothing’s better than this to me. 
  • Lastly, I make my bed every morning. To be honest, I’ve had this habit for years now. After watching this, I decided to try. And everything he says about it worked for me. If you start your day by achieving something as little as making your bed, you start your day as a winner. Thanks Admiral. 

I believe there is always space for a better person inside oneself. 

I am infinitely learning, experimenting and growing. 

Which means this list will get bigger every month, week and day. 


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