Go’n aat there and ‘av sum fuun – By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


Go’n aat there and ‘av sum fuun


This week kicked off with a talk from Marc to tell us to just have fun.

He could see a lot of teams spending long hours in the studio, from when it opens at 08:30 to when you get kicked out at 20:00.

That’s pretty much twelve hours in a small space that even a mole would find a touch too dark.

I’ve realised this week in particular that working smart is much more important than working long hours. Quality over quantity.

You come to discover which times of the day are your most productive, and therefore when you need to do the majority of your work.

Personally that’s the morning. As generally I have a really big lunch and then either piss around for a few hours or feel sleepy.

Another thing my partner and I have done, is get out of the studio. It’s often reiterated that our best ideas won’t come in the studio. In addition, people watching from Caffe Nero is awesome.

So stick the blue hat on at the beginning of the brief, plan out deadlines and do all that important stuff. But at the end of the day, we’ve been trying to sell crackers. Not very good crackers at that.

So you have to have some fun with it.

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