Great Scab! – By @SergeantPluck

By Tom Flynn


Great Scab!


Hello, you curious decans, you lurking denizens of the advertising end of twitter, how ye’ getting on? Have you noticed Marc doesn’t write Great Scab anymore when he tweets out our little emotional turmoil pieces? Has Daddy grown tired of us already?

Ah well, this is going to be a great scab either way, cause I’m going to enjoy writing it, just like I’ve enjoyed in every other waking minute of the last sixteen hours or so.

Today was one of the nicest fucking days I’ve had in months. We presented work we loved. Then watched everyone else present work which was all fucking stellar. Go you, you gorgeous cunts. I was so very happy to be sitting in that pit this morning, crying laughing. You know when your stomach hurts? Mine was aching, it was lovely.

I’ve been listening to the Gerry Graf episode of Stuff from the Loft podcast. That man is so fucking inspiring, and funny and sounds like a really lovely dude. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to go work for him. I spent an hour watching his Red stripe spots after.  Hooray Beer! I laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out.

A nice crew of us went shop lifting for smps, I didn’t know I could get so excited about Bran Flakes or Coconut milk, but I was practically floating around, even if I was exhausted.

I decided on Friday I’d have a whole new book for the next inspection and today we wacked out five props that I’ve fallen head over heels for. I can’t fucking wait to scamp all over them.

I felt healthy and present when I was sparing tonight, I was in flow for the first time in a long time, I’m sore now but Pain is Good (that’s a great prop for something, no one steal it). I was listening to an incredible podcast from Blind Boy on the way home and literally felt my brain being physically expanded with his hot take that Nirvana were just an ironic Beach Boys. I’m sitting now, eating meats and cheeses watching cartoons, what a fucking time be alive.

Today was a good day. A really lovely, isn’t it incredible to be alive and here and doing what we’re doing kind of day. And when I think about it, there wasn’t much that was different about today compared to any other day at SCA, for whatever reason I just happened to let myself relax and enjoy it.

I tend to get so wrapped up in not fucking it at this place, I forget to in enjoy fucking it up at this place. I’m always disturbing myself huhuhu. It just fucking ads, have some fun Tomásín.

Maybe tomorrow will be different, some days you’re the hammer and some days you’re the nail. Maybe I’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it won’t be so great. But today, today was a good day.


Love Tom.




The copy scores 78.1 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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