Sorry Mr. Blobby @dinglebobs

By Ben Conway


My weekend downtime involves going to local charity shops and finding oddities that inspire me. This ranges from previously illegal copies of a DVD that have worked their way from homes into the shop, or vinyl cover art.  I enjoy the contradiction that things like the DVDs bring, mostly out of pure accident.

Today I set myself the task of making something on budget of £10. You may think that the visuals you are about to see are £3.30 wasted – at least I didn’t spend the whole hog! But I had fun remembering I had to take these photos and write this SCAB at 9 pm. It will teach me to DO quicker, opposed to keeping the thoughts in my head. Thanks LJB for the class earlier this week, it kept me motivated to make. 

For now: sorry Mr.Blobby… and the BBC.


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