By Fat Penguin – The SCA Intake of 2016/17



Helmut Krone, whom Fat Penguin hope everyone reading this knows, created some iconic ads. Alex Taylor, whom we also hope you know, has been drumming into us the importance of knowing our heroes, of learning from the best. And boy has her drumming worked. Before today we could only speculate about his work ethic. But after Alex showed us a short interview of Krone in which he discussed his working process, we came away buzzing to make better stuff and to push ourselves harder. We thought we’d share with you what we took away from it.


Sophie – Krone was a doer. A hard worker who always wanted to beat his last ad.

Daze – You’ll be proudest when you create something out of nothing. Look at the Avis ads for inspiration: a failing company that transformed into a market leader under Krone’s skilled hand.

Augustine – Stay up all night to find a new page. Change your copy to fit the new page. Destroy everything in the path to the new page. Throw your partner out of bed and sleep with the new page. Never settle for the old page or you’ll be trapped in a loveless marriage forever. Your children will wear fleeces and put no salt on their food. No one can force you to make a bad ad. Or a boring family.

Mary – Break the rules. Break the poster if necessary. Challenge the existing formats and do something new.

Flav – What I learned from Krone is not to compromise. Sometimes you feel it in your gut that an idea would work; in those situations, although really hard, it is worth to not listen to other people and push that idea through. Maybe it’s too early now to follow our instinct as we are just starting out but I will for sure keep it in mind for the future.

Anam – It’s all in the details. Keep trying to make it better till they physically take the work away from you.

Christine – Look at what others are doing. Then do the opposite. Or something never seen before.

Lauren – There’s no place in advertising for ‘design for design’s sake’. Everything in an ad should advance the idea. Nothing should interfere with it.

Kenny – Respect the copywriter! Creativity is a team sport so share the glory.

Malou: Get noticed. But in a natural, pretty way. Not by screaming.

Tomo: Be single-minded. Don’t compromise. Always strive for another way.

Jacob: Stay humble.

Mona : Know your stuff. Break the rules. Work hard. Then work harder. Trust your gut.

Alexandra: Never be afraid to fight for what you believe in.

Krista: Ads don’t need logos.

Ludo: He’s incredibly talented, his work speaks for itself, but he seems like he was a difficult character to work with. He had an intellectual stubbornness about him.   

Adeline: Nice try. Try harder.

Bunmi Akinwale: challenge the norm. Confront the problem of a brand and celebrate it instead

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