10 Techie Lions from Cannes – By @christinems_

By Christine Smith


10 Techie Lions from Cannes 

After coming home from Cannes I’m exhausted. It’s been a week full of parties, talks, yachts, supermarket rosé, 2L Carlton rosé, ice lolly rosé, beaches, bitches, lovely people, canapés, cheap burgers, sweat, sandy sneakers, no sleep, chin-kisses and constant networking.

I loved it and hated it at the same time. 

What was really interesting was talking to Danish agencies vs. international agencies – not just to compare them but also to confirm that I’m on the right track AND that I have a plan. That Danish, as well as international CD’s and ECD’s, agreed on my goals for the future. 

Denmark is really great at advertising – we won 18 Lions this year, but it’s not just about the awards for me. It’s about the work and the people.

What I’m missing at the moment, in general, is what me and my creative partner, Max, love: advertising solutions with a social purpose and with a techie, product innovation and/or digital execution. 

It’s even more interesting to see how big the impact of exactly these things had on a lot of the winners this year. So I’ve made a little list in no particular order with 10 problem-solving techie/digi ideas I find inspiring, cool, funny and breathtaking: 

Payphone Bank / GREY

Unlimited stadium / BBH

G active / TWBA

Tilt brush / Google

Nosferatu / ALMAPBBDO

Spectacles / SNAP

Innovating Saving / R/GA

Google Sheep view / LIQUIDMINDS

Like My addiction / BETC

Google home of the Whopper / DAVID

Pretty cool, right?
One night in Cannes we went to the Global Goals talk on the rooftop of Martinez, invited by Sir John Hegarty himself (pretty f*** awesome!! Whoop!!). 

Anyway – the take away of the talk there and the one thing the speakers asked us directly to do was to focus on doing whatever we could to make this world a better place. We’re one of the only industries with an opportunity to make this difference and make brands and people collaborate around this. It’s our responsibility to at least try. So to come back to my goal for the future, it is to go out in the big world of advertising and make ideas like those. One day I will come back to Denmark and be one of the first to implement this. It’s about making people want to interact with your idea not just look at it. It’s about changing behavior or opinions. It’s about helping. The solution is not always an experiment or a tv ad – it could be a product, a service or a collaboration with some of the cool digital platforms that are already out there – or even made by the consumer themselves. Or what if clients could have the faith and belief to use the creative power of their agencies in their product development? 

That’s my goal. Wherever I end up working. If my work can make a change in the world, my dream will be fulfilled. I will fight for this on every brief I work on. If you don’t try, you risk missing an opportunity. 

Portfolio day is two weeks away – can’t wait to go out in the real world, learn from some of the best people in this industry and maybe one day make a change in the world we live in. I’ll do it for Denmark. 

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