Have you lost the plot or are you just skiving?

Elin Jarlstrom






By @Elinjarlstrom


After I woke up yesterday, I met my landlord in the hallway.

Unfortunately, his motorbike had been nicked during the night.

He looked a tad upset as our eyes met. He just bought it 3 weeks ago.


I tried to give the chap a cheer, but you could see that he was gutted. Blimey me!

Why can’t people just sod off and mind their one business?

Them buggers..


It’s a fortnight today since I arrived in London.

Everything has been Bee’s Knees so far, as we say over here.


The Oyster is costing me a bloody lot of quid alright.

A tenner here and a fiver there. It’s not like I’m a toff.


After the first week of school I’ve been a bit knackered. I’ve been kipping quite a lot just to keep my head straight. I don’t want to throw a spanner in the works just yet.


The nosh here is absolutely brilliant though. I’m not that much for bangers maybe, but the fish and chips with mashed peas – it’s like having a do in my mouth!


If you would ask for some chips back at home, they’ll give you a bag of crisps. Here instead, the crisps are the chips and the chips are the fries. A bit dodgy.. but it’s ace.


I’ve done some DIY in my new room. I bought myself a di-humidifier, as it’s bloody monkeys outside during the night, and it makes my room wonky and moist.


Anyway, apart from that, I’m really gobsmacked and chuffed about sharing this year with all my new wicked peers.


It sure is one off.


By the way.


The British is going aight. No skiving.


Bob’s your uncle!


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