How to be fast – By @LeonoreLeitner

By Leonore Leitner


How to be fast

SCA seems like the place where you get rid of a lot of your flaws. Procrastination always being of my biggest, I was hoping to get rid of it. It’s getting better, the further we go. But my procrastination and slowness is still annoying.

With term 2 soon to be over, we started going to book crits more. And I love it.
All the people I met so far are so incredibly amazing and helpful. They make you aim higher and leave you with a driving feeling of stress. I really enjoy people criticising my work. People tend to be honest and hard, but in a very constructive way. In a way that leaves you on a high on excitement and the feeling, that you maybe some day you get better at what you’re doing.

There is so much to do and it feels like there is so little time left. But reducing the hours of sleep is not the solution. I have to learn to get more out of my hours. So many ideas we want to realise, but at the moment it’s an overwhelming feeling, making it seem unachievable.

At out last crit someone said an eye-opening thing to us. With my and my partner both being art directors, he said there is the myth that art directors are starters and copy writers are finishers. For me, there is definitely some truth in there. I have always been a starter. I tend to fall in love with an idea and then soon get carried away by another one. I jump from one thing I want to do, to the next one. Ending with a lot of unfinished stuff.

But it’s time for me to become a finisher. I need discipline! Discipline and getting faster. Finishing things faster.
So how to be fast?

I’d love to have an answer to this question.
Is it setting timers for each thing you have to do? No, I’m still as slow.
Is it setting earlier deadlines for yourself? No, I don’t respect my own ones.
Is it treating yourself for achievements? No, I treat myself anyway.
Is it telling your partner you’re gonna be finished at a certain time? No, still not.
Is it punishing yourself? No, to weak for that.

I guess it’s time to be more creative with tricking myself into being faster.
Or forcing myself.
How did I try to get this SCAB done quickly, so I can go to bed?
Squatting the whole way through writing didn’t really work. Can’t write a scab in 30 seconds, apparently. But still, it did make me a bit faster.

Maybe physical pain is the answer. But I guess I should try to find another way.
Knowing your flaws is the first step I heard. Now it’s time to overcome them and and then I’ll have some finished work I can be around of. Hopefully.



The copy scores 86.1 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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