I actually have friends. By @blazve

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


I actually have friends.

SCA is a weird place.
Sometimes you don’t understand it and therefore you can lose yourself.
I found myself in this position past few days.
And as I didn’t know what to think, what to do my old friend luckily was visiting London and took me for a dinner today. As discussing school she shared some thoughts which turned into my SCAB.
“Life is a funny thing when you’re a young, perspective, ambitious lad on the way to become a thing they call a ‘young professional’.
If you are by any chance on the path of becoming a so-called ‘creative’ on top of that you will most likely have to face with one fact and one fact only: besides your work you’ll have no life. Your work is your life. You breathe your work. You eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It sits next to you on the bus ride and holds your hand when you’re crossing the road. It never really leaves your side, not even when you’re on the toilet. When you go to sleep it makes sure to snuggle up next to you or even creep into your dreams.
You will have no freedom. Not unless you learn to put things into perspective. Not unless you’re able to stop yourself for a moment and ask yourself “Will this matter 1 year from now?” The hardest thing to do is to be honest. Be honest to yourself how you truly feel, what you want your life to look like. Forget about expectations, limitations, peer pressure and what the world makes you believe you should be like. Nothing matters more than you. Not even work.”
Sounds so easy …

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