I am writing this with a bit of an urgent deadline – By @SCA2Dean


By Marc Lewis



I am writing this with a bit of an urgent deadline


I hope that you are smashing and smashing it this week.  My family and I had a lovely weekend choosing our new puppy, Squirrel. She comes home in a few weeks’ time, and I plan on bringing her to Portfolio Day.  I hope to see you there, celebrating with SCA Vintage.


I am writing with a bit of a deadline.  I hope that you can help.


By this time next week, a few of my students will be in Cannes.  I might be there too, if a few things fall in to place.  We will be plugging, hoping to sell enough bottles to fund at least four scholarships.


It would help our cause if we could shift a few bottles before Cannes kicks off.  This is our current SCA Vintage Hall of Thanks and Fame.  Please help us grow it over the next few days, by spreading the word, or by sticking a bottle on expenses.


My ambition is that we get to at least £10k pre-Cannes.  I realise that I am going to need a lot of help selling 100 bottles, but a problem shared is a problem halved. If you are in a position to buy a bottle from your company, you would be my hero.  You probably are anyway if you are receiving this message.

There are plenty of ways that you can help, including;


  1. You can help to promote our campaign by continuing to retweet some of our posts. Please share our posts with your followers and tag anyone you think would be interested in what we are doing.


  1. The students have made flyers. Let us know if we can send some to you to stick in your reception or in your boss’ pocket.


  1. We need tickets to parties, a word-in-the-ear with organisers, permission to hustle and sell bottles from iPhones. If offered a platform, we’ve got a great one-minute pitch, delivered with passion from a scholarship winner or from me. 
  2. We need some early sales before Cannes. Please liberate a work colleague’s credit card and buy them a bottle of our bubbly today.


It would be incredible if we could turn the opulence of Cannes into something brilliant by funding at least four scholarships. With your support, I know that we are a bit closer to making it happen.


All the best,


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