I Collected Some Dots So You Don’t Have To – by @jcxh

Jacqueline Hedge

By Jacqueline Hedge


I Collected Some Dots So You Don’t Have To


I am currently eyeballs deep in long copy.

When I started, it was strangely terrifying.

As a self-proclaimed writer, this left me a little confused. Why was I so scared of my own craft?

Then I realised it was because my brain felt empty.

In an episode of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (link can be found at the end of the SCAB), he chats with a few prolific screenwriters. I can’t remember where exactly in the episode it is, but one of them says that in order to write well you must be full. Full of experiences, memories, people, and places. You must have all of these things stored up in your head until you HAVE to write, because otherwise there is nowhere else for all of this stuff to go.


This last half term, I fell into a cycle of studio to bed to cafe to studio to cafe to bed…You get the drift. I was about as dull as your grandmother’s 40 year old bedsheets.


So I’ve set about re-soaking my brain sponge and I’d like to share some of its contents with you.


Here’s 3 things that got me thinking this past week:



  1. This short:

“From an unusual perspective, we follow Philip around his neighbourhood in Hackney, East London. He is mentally unwell and misses his wife and daughter very much.”


God View from Billy Lumby on Vimeo.



  1. This beautifully written article on what it’s like to be a freelance writer. It made me want to pick up the pen and lose myself in language for just a few more hours:


  1. Did you know there’s a company in New York called Next Big Sound that can predict who will be in the charts almost a year ahead of them arriving there? It’s all to do with social media and data. This could be a really big turning point in how the music industry functions, and provide artists with bigger selling points for major labels.

TL;DR, less Simon Cowell, more stuff from people who are actually good at stringing notes together. Yay for data!



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