I Hated MOSH







By @Bensfantastic


At the start of the term we were tasked with naming the year/ our agency.


It had to be something memorable, represent who we are and reflect the years theme, fame.


Potential names included ‘front and center’, ‘mix tape’ and even ‘Sven Gali’.


But MOSH (Make Original Shit Happen) was the pick of the bunch, and I hated it.


I hated the thought, the execution and it’s unprofessional nature. I hated the idea of going to book crits with potential employers and explaining that ‘I am from MOSH’.


But I’ve grown to love it.


I love what it stands for, the rough styling of the execution and the fact it isn’t pretty and swears.


See as the year goes on it becomes more apparent that we will not just be hired on the strength of our work, but on what we do and make outside of advertising.


Documentaries, illustrations, animations, business ideas, screenplays, blogs, poetry, stand up comedy, music, anything and everything.


It’s because that’s what makes us exciting, that’s what gives us creative edge over the other hundred teams gunning for our placements. That’s what’s going to make us stand out, the stuff in our books that isn’t advertising but is our personality.


Marc asked us this week what we where going to do over Christmas outside of advertising in order to MOSH. Everyone had lots of exciting things they were going to do.


I said ‘learn to animate’. But the truth is I’m only learning to animate so come D&AD time my craft can compete with those pesky Scandinavians.


But much like MOSH I’ve grown to love what once scared me. I’ve been meaning to open up After Effects and learn it for around 6 months but i have been putting it off, and now I’m having so much fun making stuff in it I cant seem to close it.


So if there’s a takeaway here it’s just go and do it, do what you’ve been meaning to do, go and MOSH.

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